Healing touch of love!

Attachment with a sense of detachment is what is very significant for us all to understand.

I have seen or known individuals wanting to do something being stopped by their parents, and am sure you too have. They say – Because we love our kids. Often, these known children either wanted to get into army or wanted to start a business of their own. But they were stopped and had to settle for something – more secure! Love of the elders pulled them back.

But how far? What about their desires? Their passion – and everything within them? Their desires, etc. Yes, they would have to work hard for that – day and night! In fact, our love should be something giving way in the direction of their love and not something stopping them from the same.

But they say, “what if we lose them?” It is the fear we all live in – every second. And actually, it is the one fear in our minds that we restrict our loved ones from going after their love… their freedom. That’s where I have the question – For how long? For how long can this stopping enable those loved ones to be with us? Five years… ten years…. or fifty years… then they haves to go! Love should be something that heals… liberates – and not something that binds!
We have lived our lives! And it is often the way we wanted. So now is the time for letting those kids to live their lives. Even if it was probably not same as the way we wanted, it is time for forgiveness so that we may help the kids at doing what they want to. As parents, our job is to let the kids know the risks involved. But the ultimate decision of taking up the job should be left with the children only.

Today or tomorrow – everyone has to go! Nobody comes with an eternal life. Then why not let our children do what they want to? Let’s do our job of mentoring them while leaving them free to choose what they want to.
Love is truly reflected by letting the loved ones choose their own lives! Only then will they be able to concentrate – meditate. And evolve!!!

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