Why not judge?

My previous post said that you must not judge anyone around you. But I have now realized how important it is to judge – not others – but ourselves. Isn’t it?
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In fact this is the best and free tool we can have to develop ourselves. But we must see that this happens not to degrade ourselves, rather to better ourselves. Everyday contemplation about our activities is what enables us to act towards making it better the next time.

This is because, I think, our mind is always trying to remain engaged – in one way or the other. It means that if we don’t judge ourselves, we will judge others. So the question emerging here is – why not make ourselves better instead of spending the energy for others.

It is only to say, as I also said in previous post, other people’s life is their only. But my life is what I have right on – to make better every day – and every minute! This practice of contemplating about one’s activities gets into habit over time. But once in, the benefits are huuuge and life transforming.

Great people have been known to be excellent judge of their own activities. How about you? Do you judge other people’s activities? Or your own?

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