What is ‘wrong life’?

1350671455216I have often heard people say – ”This is not what I wanted to do, but…!”, “My father pushed me into it!”, “Had I been…” etc. And worse is when I hear – nothing can be done now. I really can’t disagree more.

Primarily, I very strongly believe what I heard in one of the speeches by Anthony Robbins – “Life doesn’t happen to you. It happens for you.” Now this might not be completely true and you have full liberty to disagree, but I have found that having such belief is really helpful to meet and win the challenges of life.

Again, the problem with the remarks mentioned in the first sentence is that it leaves us completely powerless. We start to feel like a victim, which blocks our ability to act.

Yes, in life, we do get into such criticism gear. But we have to take control and move towards our goals. And believing that life happens for us is a strong way to take a step towards it.

Most of us have been through this victim-like feeling. It’s really painful! But through my experiences I have learnt that nothing went waste. All my (said to be wrong) education, all my failures, all my bad experiences were actually building up foundation towards creating the person I am today.

Further, whatever activity you do, there is something it will teach you – if you reflect and try to learn. I attended a few seminars and presentations during my Post Graduation that most of my classmates found useless. But during my exam, I stumbled upon ideas – born out of what I had heard during the seminars. I was – “WAAOW – here I have something to write”. Also, there were ideas for my research work. So I can’t call it useless. This was a tiny example in the context.

Did I see the benefit immediately? Of course not! I even did not expect it when I was attending the seminars. Nevertheless, it showed up – over time! Gita says, “Act without keeping the fruits of your action in your mind – act selflessly”.

Big words? But makes sense – isn’t it? So, I think it becomes very important that we act and wait for the turning up of events while thanking for all we currently have. What about you?

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