Riddle of Life

I read a FB post and it has caught up my mind. My previous post is about the power of clarity, which is very necessary.riddle And this post is for the same.

Actually, I have friends with a question lingering in their minds. They say…. “I often get confused whether to go ahead towards my goal that is now very much visible. Or to walk away towards other things around me?” They further show their pain by saying, “The problem is that IT is what I had been struggling for all these years/hours. And I am so close! Should I let it go? Now such confusion really kills me.” Nono! I am not saying that I never face such days in my life.

I watched a movie a few days ago. Have you watched it – Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade? It’s old but worth a watch. IMDB has given it a rating of 8.3 and the movie has also won an Oscar. Nice comedy with a very similar story. Throughout the movie, several groups and individuals continue following a precious Grail. But finally, after crossing all the struggles, when the Grail was a few inches away Indiana had to let it go. And it was the right decision for him there.

But is it so for everyone? Of course, the riddle is for the particular individual to solve. But I just want to know of your experiences – whether it appears in your lives. And how do you finally decide – if you do? When do you follow it and when do you let it go?

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