Experiences and transformation

I believe we all exist in this world for ‘experience’. These experiences allow us to reflect, learn and change in the manner we want to. After going through new experiences, our perspectives often change and we start to look at things differently. download‘Looking at it differently’ implies that our attitude towards those elements also change and finally changes our behaviours. We decide differently as we start to think differently.

Actually, in the beginning, majority of us are trying to make sense of whatever keeps happening around. Many questions starting with ‘WHY’ pass through and we keep seeking answers for them. We seek answers in our books, in our past experiences, from our gurus…mentors…. and in the day-to-day incidents around us. Answers come – a few immediately – and others – probably after years. And the answers again mould us. Such existential questions also improve our Spiritual Intelligence.

Also, it is not just the views about things that change! We also change our views about people. And the resultant is similar! Due to change in our view or perspective about any individual we will find a change in our attitude towards him or her. It will finally lead to a major transformation in our behaviours.

Now, it is difficult to comment anything on whether the change is good or bad and there exists no better judge than the person himself or herself. However, it is still extremely important that any such change should be in line with the changed perspectives and values.images (1)

In fact the total wiring must change. If it does not, as mentioned in this post, we will never feel happy. Narayanamurthy, one among the Infosys founders, said that he was a strong Leftist in the beginning, but an experience in Bulgaria transformed him. And only when his wiring changed could he become so determined that we got a leading software giant in our  world.

Swami Vivekananda, one of the greatest monk who walked on our planet, was very critical about women in the beginning. But through his experiences he was transformed to become one of their greatest supporters.

It is not what we get. But who we become, what we contribute… that gives meaning to our lives.

It is not money or what we  have that will ever satisfy us. But who we become. Because owning things can never end – bike, car, house, bigger house, etc., though our experiences can definitely help us understand when to finish this run. And still live a full life.images

For me, I earlier wanted to become a monk in any jungle once. But my experiences helped me understand that everything is essential and I stayed…

What about you? How do you think you have changed through your experiences?

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