Discipline or breaking rules?

How fun is it to even think of breaking rules! Isn’t it? I remember the days when we used to break the school discipline!! And also used to feel proud after doing so.

In fact, we love to know about individuals who don’t go by the norms but are capable of setting their own rules. Although we often have great attraction for the rule-breakers, the fact is that we need laws everywhere. And with the policies on paper we also need people who will go by it.

Anarchy is the name provided to such situation where people don’t follow the set protocols. Just imagine a situation where nobody wants to go by the rules, rather they all want to set their own terms.

Sure, it is very difficult to go by the rules. Procrastination is a bad result of inability to follow rules. And that is where martial arts training, yoga training, etc. help. They often help us become strong enough to be able to keep a check on our attraction towards momentary pleasures for reaching the larger goals.

Affirmation without discipline is the beginning of delusion.– Jim Rohn

That is where I would bring spiritual life into scene. It is not very much concerned with God and religion, but with living a disciplined life. And that is what the lives of Swami Vivekanand and Muhammad Ali has taught.

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