The unforgettable trip to Madikeri, Mullayanagiri, etc.

At the height of approximately four thousand feet, with chilly wind breezing from all sides, dense fog present all around and grasses covered with condensed fog, I was only in my shorts! And the shorts too, I was all prepared to throw open if needed. Could you guess, what I am talking about? Sorry, nothing nasty here!

Half naked members forming the chain

Actually, it was the peak of Mullayangiri, the second highest summit in the state of  Karnataka and I was with my Yoga group members playing a game. What game? I had played it during my school days and you too must have. We were divided into two groups and asked to form a chain of the all things we had. Even individuals could lie down to increase the length. The team with the longest chain would be the winner. Everyone was lining up bags, dupatta, hanky, sweater, shoes, shoelaces, and what not? I was only in two piece – a t-shirt, a pair of shorts and a pair of chappals. So I donated the t-shirt, pair of sandals and was lying down, while waiting for an indication that we were losing. I was all set to forget all the lessons of shame and self-respect to even contribute my shorts but before that – WE WON! Not only I, but many more of the members got half naked to help their team win. No, no! I had no mental instability. Actually the group’s energy was so high and friendly that I neither felt any cold nor any shame. 🙂

The scenic beauty at the top was remarkable and incomparable. It enchanted us. All the members helped each other to reach the top and then to come down. I thank God and everyone else for helping me trek up and down the mountain successfully. At times, when I would stumble or slip, I felt that it was my last day. But…but… I did it and nothing happened…. neither to me, nor to anyone else.

View at the top of Mullyanagiri

View at the top of Mullyanagiri

By God’s grace we were able to enjoy fog, cloud and sun all on the same day during our visit. I can’t describe the beauty in any word but it can only be felt by oneself. Dark and light grey clouds forming awesome shapes, sun light beaming through the clouds and everything getting shuffled in matter of minutes kept me wondering. Added to this was the different shapes, sizes and colours of all the ranges around us. No words can describe that beauty of nature. At least – I don’t have words to describe!

We also did meditation and a few facial yoga activity to relax and improve the natural beauty of our faces.

But before writing anything else, let me tell you that I have joined a yoga group and we, the members, practice yoga everyday under the guidance of Mr. Rajkumar who has devoted his life to practising and teaching people the importance of yoga and yogic lifestyle. He regularly takes his students like us on various tours. Each tour is undertaken with different objective in mind.

In fact, this was a ‘nature tour’ with the objective of being away from pollution and mental tension but with the nature for two days. I think that the trip was very successful as it had been well-planned and by the end all the members felt that it had been one of the best tours they ever had been to. 🙂


Scene from the train

To make the name more meaningful and relevant, we also had a unique train journey through the green jungles of Western Ghats. Starting point of the train trip was Subramanya and we got down at Sakhlespura. Simply amazing!

Well, for me, I had a twist here! Thanks to my fellow yoga members for saving me by waking me up as I fell asleep 😛 during the train journey and would have travelled to wherever the train was actually going. Covering fifty-two kilometres stretch, and passing over fifty-seven tunnels and 109 bridges, the journey has been ranked to be among the top ten train routes in India.

While we spent the first night on the bus itself, we went to Annpoorneshwari Devi temple to take blessings of the Goddess, have dinner and sleep during the second night. Six to eight batches of about three hundred people sat for dinner in the temple. After dinner most people left, but many like us returned to sleep. This too was amazing as ten people were provided with a big blanket to sleep.

However, our first spot was the Scotland of India – Madikere – where we took bath in cold pond water at 4:30 a.m. Well, it was after almost twelve to thirteen years that I took bath with chilly cold water in the open. There I also tried to swim and realised that I was unable to. I was shocked to realize this and a thought just popped in my head – could I ever forget other activities like walking, talking. Useless thoughts!!!

Then we went to ‘Talakaveri” temple – the birth place of River Kaveri. It’s surprising how after sprouting in droplets from the ground, it forms a small stream and then the huge river. And not only Kaveri but all the rivers are born in a similar fashion.

Tala Kaveri

Tala Kaveri

Nevertheless, our journey actually started on Friday from Silk Board in Bangalore at about 9:30PM. Our first night passed on the bus itself. But we slept during the second night in the Annapurneshwari Devi temple. This sleep too was unique, as firstly, we slept on the ground itself and secondly one big woolen sheet was used by about eight to ten people to cover themselves. 😀 First of its kind experience!!!

Additionally, we also visited the star-shaped Manjarabad Fort and a few other spots like Hornadu, Kalasa Temple that I might have missed. Friends, I have tried to include as many important points and locations as possible, and explain in the best possible manner. But, given the vastness of area and differences in one’s own ability to look at and interpret each item in this world, it’s almost impossible for me to write every detail about everything.

This write-up is only a short glimpse of the two days I spent in awe while watching beauty, human collaboration, joy and laughter. For detailed explanation, you have to actually join us next time to understand what I am talking about. 🙂

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