Just start!

Several years ago, my life started….. Your life started…..

Many days back, 2016 started; and a few days back, February started. But have you started yet? To do the things you actually want to? Or care about?images

Did you take up the course you always wanted to? Did you start to work on your OWN business idea you always wanted to? Did you quit the job you always wanted to? Did you propose the girl/boy you always wanted to? Did you go back to your parents that you have always wanted to? Did you actually listen to your child?

Did you even take one step towards any of those?…. towards the future life you want for yourself???

“I am planning”. Did you just say that?

Oh, Come on, we all have been through it…. “PLANNING”! Huh!!!plan-action

We continue planning – about a lot of things in our lives. But rarely do we act out the plans. Yes, for one reason or the other we fail to act. Why? Often, we give various reasons for this. One of the world-famed author and speaker, Dr. Sean Stephenson talks about it in the form of THREE BUTS

  • But fears – it starts with the phrase, “BUT what if…”
  • Then comes BUT excuses. It starts with “BUT I don’t have the ….(money, background, people)”
  • And finally, it is our BUT insecurity that starts with “BUT I am not ….(tall, strong, qualified)… enough.

Did any of those sound familiar? But we very well know on the inside that these are not of any practical use. We CAN go out do all that we want to do.

So the only solution is to ACT. And whatever is the BUT you are on, you have to get off it and STAND to actualize your plans and dreams.

I know, 2016 has just started. I know, the month of February has also just started. And I also know that none of these will end in the very next moment. jobs quotesFebruary will not, 2016 will never end in the very next moment. I can guarantee that, and can even bet for that.

But what about your LIFE? Can YOU guarantee?

Many of us keep on saving, saving and saving Money until the final day comes. And, it’s too late.

Life is all about experiences. So the time is NOW – to take the first step…. Then follow through… Things will definitely SHOW UP!


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