Resolution should bring revolution

In my previous post I wrote about making a start – to do the things that you have always wanted to do. It’s really disturbing to know that so many people across the globe are often unable to start doing anything; and if at all started, they are unable to follow-through. To tell the truth, we all are patients of a sickness called procrastination that is dangerous. Why?

Common reasons as stated by these people are

  • Lack of money,
  • power,
  • right kind of people,
  • time, etc.

These are, in fact, only the superficial reasons. However, on a much deeper level, it is only because the end goal of the task is not encouraging or attractive enough for them to make a move. Or to make a start – and then – stick to it!

People are not lazy. They simply have impotent goals, that is – Goals that do not inspire them.” – Tony Robbins

If something is attractive enough for me, I will definitely find a way to get it. b48d965491ca803c5a5a6a279b24efa2A few years ago, I made a resolution and started going to the gym. But within a few days my resolution went for a toss. Why? I didn’t actually want to have the big muscles of a body builder. Yes, I wanted to remain fit. And that is the reason I preferred jogging over lifting weights. Investing another thousands of bucks on gym didn’t seem attractive enough only for running. And I didn’t stick to my resolution.

Some time back, in my office, my colleagues, after months of ‘putting off’ for tomorrow,  started going to the gym but did not continue for long.

One of my friends took up one course after another – but never continued for more than a month.

Some smokers make a resolution to quit cigarette. They do quit for two days, four days or a week but start it again. Then the next year comes, they make resolution, quit smoking – this time for ten days or maximum for a month – but don’t follow through. The cycle continues.2015-01-11-newyearsresolutions

Currently I am working as a recruiter and I get to see numerous resumes where the candidate worked for two months, discontinued for a few months. Then again s/he joined another organization and resigned in two, three or six months. And…. This continues… They provide reasons that are clear excuses.

In fact, it could also be because we don’t actually believe in the resolution. Maybe, because I don’t believe it can change my life – for the better. Maybe because the job-seekers don’t believe that having a job or getting paid is important to them. Now if I resolve to give up smoking, and on the inside I have a strong belief that smoking improves my creativity and boosts my energy level, will I ever be able to quit smoking? NO! I might quit for a day or two… but then I will restart after some time.

This stands true, even when I am a huge fan of Salman Khan (famous Bollywood star) delivering the famous dialogue – “ek baar jo meine commitment kar di, fir mein apne aap ki bhi nahi sunta“! (Once I commit to something, I don’t listen even to myself). 🙂beliefslies

Yes, maybe you have a genuine reason for failing . And whether your explanation is an actual thing or just an excuse is for you to reflect and decide.

However, if you, me or anybody has ever tried trying to make resolutions – and STICK to it – but has been failing every time they have tried, probably it’s time to re-visit our personal belief system. Resolutions should be capable of bringing revolution in our lives. Only then will I stick to it.


So, I can choose to either create a new resolution in line with my belief system or create a new belief system that can support me head on towards my resolutions.

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