My dilemma as a recruiter

I work as a recruiter with a consulting firm. Here we recruit recruiters for other recruitment consulting firms across locations. Ya, it reads a bit confusing but repeat it and you’ll get it!

Recently, we got a new client – an IT company (let’s say X was its name) – with a consulting arm. So X wanted recruiters. Many IT companies have a recruitment consulting arm that does recruitment for internal requirements and for several other IT companies. It helps the companies like ‘X’ to bear the cost of their recruitment team.

Recruitment, as I understand from my experience, takes a lot of time and focused effort. talent attractEarlier, during my PG, it appeared to me as an effortless process where you just have to go to job portals, find suitable talents, take interviews and give joining letter.

In fact, that’s what it is! But each step requires huge volume of work on the backstage to get the best possible talent. That is the reason why rarely any of the big brands do recruitment for themselves giving rise to the entities called RECRUITMENT CONSULTING FIRMS.

‘X’ gave us the requirement and we started working on it. We were successful in scheduling a few interviews and 2 of them even got shortlisted. One of these offered candidates (let’s name him/her ‘O’) was very eager to join ‘X’ as s/he  had been in the same organization for about 4-5 years and was a very good candidate. However, none joined!!!

So, in spite of the eagerness, why didn’t the joining happen? During salary discussion the managers at ‘O’ said, “Is ‘O’ a technical guy that we should offer any increase? If s/he can join in same salary, we will accept him/her. And if not, let him/her go.” I was shocked!

Yes, we do at times place people without a raise. But those are completely different stories, where the reasons are completely valid.

All my month-long efforts went in vain. Even a small company knows that, except for justified causes, in general, you, as an organization, should offer a minimum of approx 20% raise!! And this company? Would offer a hike only to engineers.? I can’t even complain to anyone as clients often have the last say in such matters.

I have got used to the ‘story of a recruiter’ thing.recruiter sstory But this story made my story as a recruiter far more painful. The decision of ‘X’ sent all my efforts in vain. And also disrespected a profession. Then I got the thoughts – “Are engineers the only employees who work?” I had never expected this kind of remark from a senior manager. I too have studied engineering and I understand what work do most engineers do. No offense to anyone!

But we should learn to respect other professions as well. What do you say?

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