Every employee is doing their job!

A few weeks ago, I published this post that revealed a story of respecting different jobs equally. Today I want to discuss about the manner in which we insult the employees of other fields.

And this is mostly true for the jobs involving cold calling. Working as a recruiter gave me great insights into the insult felt when someone puts down your call with a BANG!!! Or just puts it aside without speaking any word. Or would start shouting “Hello, hello…” as if s/he can’t hear you! My colleagues, in these situations, often became very stopangry.

What? Oh yes, I do agree. “He might truly be facing problem talking to you”, I too thought so. And that is why I used to call again. This time, s/he won’t even pick up my call. Actually, the moment we stated that we have called regarding a recruiter’s job (in my case), credit card, insurance scheme, etc. – we often get to hear – BANG!!!

Yes, I understand you are busy! I understand you don’t have time! And I definitely understand you are not interested in the item, scheme or whatever is being offered.

But there is a way – a way to decline – a way to say NO – and a way to show you are not interested. The person offering the item to you is an employee and not your enemy or one whom YOU pay. S/He is just doing his/her job and has no interest in eating up your time except to show you the opportunity. Not interested? You say NO – in a proper manner!

I don’t know why a lot of people are even scared of such calls. Probably they are not confident of being able to turn the offer down. call scaredInsecurity – I think!

Consider your closest friend – or your LOVE/SPOUSE has recently joined a company as a tele-caller. And she calls you to as a last attempt to reach her target. Will you not talk? Will you not talk properly? And if not interested, will you not decline the offer in a decent manner – like a decent working professional? Just imagine that, and have some empathy for workers of any other field – not as worker but as humans.

respect other jobsWhat do you say?

Ok, that’s just one side of the coin!

Come back to read my next post where I will talk about the other side of the coin.

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