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Are you running right – or JUST running?

During childhood, our parents, teachers and everyone told us to run. We started. And since, we all are running races – rat, cat, horse or whatever name you give it. But most of us are just running – with no … Continue reading

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The Jungle Book – Simply Amazing!

I am sure it has been one of the most awaited and popular movies of 2016 – The Jungle Book! Awaited, I say because I had been waiting for it ever since I heard about Mowgli’s return several weeks back. … Continue reading

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Ki & Ka – Bold attempt falling apart!

I totally loved this R. Balki’s Bollywood flick as a concept – new & fabulous (9/10)! But it totally disappointed me with the rest. Overall, it is all about Kabir (Arjun Kapoor) and Ki (Kareena Kapoor). Ki is an ambitious … Continue reading

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Our Idiotic Habits – Do you have any?

I have now been staying in Bengaluru, India for almost four years. It usually has a very pleasant climate with no extreme temperatures. It is very much unlike Delhi or Jharkhand states in the country where you feel either like … Continue reading

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…So what?

In a post prior to my previous post I requested everyone to have empathy towards employees of other fields. And show respect to them. However, I also mentioned in the end that I will be writing about a different perspective … Continue reading

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Unknown, Unsung contributor!

I am really sorry that this post is not what I had promised in my previous post. But the next one will be – I promise! Actually, this was more important right now. So, as mentioned in an earlier post … Continue reading

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