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I am really sorry that this post is not what I had promised in my previous post. But the next one will be – I promise! Actually, this was more important right now.

So, as mentioned in an earlier post about a trip to several beautiful spots in Karnataka, along with the highest peak in the state, I have been practicing yoga for the past six months!!! 😛  Yes, everyday – except the days my room doesn’t have water (like today). 😀


The temple

We practice yoga in a temple near Silk Board, Bengaluru, India, and a new batch starts here every forty-five days. As it is a free class, people join us in large numbers (hundred is usual) from all age, gender, caste, colour, community and any other differentiating barrier you can imagine. But very few continue!! Why not? No, not because they are lazy or they don’t have time. It is often due to the reasons mentioned here! Where new batches start with more than hundred people, maximum fifteen of them continue.

As we practice yoga in the Shiva temple, the location is immensely pure – and the early morning timing supplements to the cool climate of the city. But before starting with the asanas we together go ahead to clean the temple campus as a part of our responsibility towards the temple. This gives a warm-up exercise to all of us. And obviously, you can’t practice yoga when your surrounding is unclean.


Meditation on Deepavali

We also have special meditation and pujas held on various occasions (like Diwali, Swami Vivekananda’s birthday, etc). On other such occasions we have had various activities like games, speech by a well-experienced person, mass dinner (Maha Bhojanam), etc.

This mass dinner is an unusual activity (I saw it for the first time) where everyone sits on ground in a huge circle and all varieties of cooked food are offered by ladies (motherly figures) straight in your hands instead of plate. No, not once, but continuously until you burp out of filled stomach.

Day before yesterday, our class went to Samarthanam School for blind, played a lot of games with the kids there, talked to the children, got to know about eye donation and – many even pledged their eyes. I didn’t because I have done it already. Have YOU? What will you do with your eyes after you die?

Anyways, as I see it, this yoga class has offered diverse benefits to me – and to humanity. People have become more aware about their own social responsibilities, more empathetic towards the needs of others, as well as, they have understood the numerous ways in which they can serve the world.

Our guru, Mr. Rajkumar, works with some private company as a Quality Head and has been teaching yoga free of cost for the past six years. Yes, everyday! He is helping so many of people to choose yoga, not only as an exercise but as a way of life – contributing to the world – in his own small way. green_worldHave you ever thought of your own small way? What seed can you plant today that might grow into a tree – tomorrow – and offer shade to others?

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