…So what?

In a post prior to my previous post I requested everyone to have empathy towards employees of other fields. And show respect to them. However, I also mentioned in the end that I will be writing about a different perspective to the scene.

Let’s talk of that perspective here.

I have heard my colleagues (I too) say, “He banged the phone on my face.” Or “The girl spoke in a rude manner that made me feel insulted.” Or “Something…”

Did you ever speak like me or my colleagues? Do you complain about such bad remarks? Do you even care about such words? And then start to feel bad?

So what? So what if the person disconnected the call? So what if s/he shouted at you? And so what if they spoke rudely to you?sowhatmusic

Are you gonna feel sorry or ashamed and give up? Or learn something, stand back up and try again?

Additionally, who in the world can insult you?

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Nobody can hurt you without your permission.” No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

There’s an interesting and well-known story about Gautam Buddha (563 – 483BC). I am not sure of the exact words but this is how it goes. It is said that once when Buddha was teaching his students, a bystander became angry with him and started to abuse him for some unknown reason. Patiently, Gautam listened to everything the angry man had to say, and then spoke to the whole group. He asked everyone, “Who would own a gift when someone offers it to a person but the latter refuses to accept it. Is it the giver or the receiver?” “The giver”, everyone said together. “Any fool can understand that”, added the angry fellow. “So I decline your gift!” The angry man just stood there – amazed – at whatever Buddha said.

This story shows that whenever a person tries to show anger at us or insult us, we can always choose to either accept their words to feel hurt, or leave it with them. i have to value your opinion We can always choose to either feel insulted or just move on! And hence, we can definitely choose who steps out with bad feelings. Just ask, “So  what?”

Come on my friend, it’s your dream and only you will understand its value. Nobody else will. You can’t give up on it for a bit of harsh language.

You were the one who dreamt of the business venture! Or probably, of serving the world with an amazing invention! Or of marrying and just serving your loving spouse. You dreamt of it. Others didn’t! The people laughing at you or calling you by names didn’t!images

So, forget the remarks they made, the pains you faced or the tears you cried.

Get up; dust yourself off and just MOVE ON!

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