Our Idiotic Habits – Do you have any?

I have now been staying in Bengaluru, India for almost four years. It usually has a very pleasant climate with no extreme temperatures. It is very much unlike Delhi or Jharkhand states in the country where you feel either like boiling due to excessive heat, or freezing due to less than no heat.

However, I have seen far more geysers and heaters in the ‘B’ city. In fact every PG, every one-room set and every building here comes with a fixed geyser. And, it seems like something the whole city considers of utmost significance – more than even water itself. 😛

And, although I had never even thought of using hot water in the chilly winters of Delhi or Jharkhand, I began using it here in Bengaluru. Why? Probably due to the ease of availability! Or due to what I was seeing around me. Or just to try! But that’s not the point of this post!

Fine, in the beginning, it felt good and using geyser for bath still made some sense as the mercury level used to be low. hotBut only in the beginning – I accept! Later it just became a stupid routine or habit. ‘Stupid’ because I now used to wait for the water to get heated, then I sometimes waited because the water became too hot. Also because sometimes I even threw and wasted water just because it was not hot and I used electricity on a useless task. Because the climate has rarely been so cold. In fact, it was so hot that the ‘tech city’ felt to exist not on earth but away from the planet, somewhere in between the earth and the sun. Still I – and everyone else has been using geyser. Sadly, I realized it only two days ago.

So, a few days ago, due to some extreme circumstance, I had to bathe. The geyser was already crying 😦 due to the excessive usage. So, believing that it won’t kill me, I thought to just try the normal (aka ‘cold’ water earlier). And in fact, when I tried the normal water, it felt far… far… far… better for the current days.

I think we all actually get so used to in our daily routine and habits that we never look back to see if those habits still make sense. This is true not only for us as individuals, but as families, societies and countries. bad-habit-quote-715x479We might be carrying one or more habits, customs and rituals that don’t make sense – anymore – and are burdens.

Have you ever reflected back on your own habits? There might be something idiotic in your lives as well! The habits? Or the rituals and beliefs of your family, society or country? You might be better off – WITHOUT IT!

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