Ki & Ka – Bold attempt falling apart!

I totally loved this R. Balki’s Bollywood flick as a concept – new & fabulous (9/10)! But it totally disappointed me with the rest.

Overall, it is all about Kabir (Arjun Kapoor) and Ki (Kareena Kapoor). Ki is an ambitious business woman whereas Ka is someone with no big ambition. He has no mother and remains in bad terms with his father. He later marries Ki to live with her as a house-husband (ghar jamai). They start happily but find a few ego-clash issues.

The movie – they marry, he cooks, he cleans, he washes, he serves, and he waits for her to return home. She goes to office, becomes the VP and brings money for both. Not a dumb man, he too gets some accolades, ego arrives, their relation cracks, then re-joins and they live – happily ever after!high-heels-main

They meet, on an aeroplane and their conversations begin. Not an interesting start! Specially the dialogue by Kabir (Arjun Kapoor) to Ki (Kareena Kapoor), “ek ladki ka ek ladke ko rote dekhne ka sunehara mauka” could have been better. This cliche just didn’t click for me.

Anyways, let me briefly tell what I enjoyed in the movie.

What I liked here:

  • Of course, the concept!
  • We get to watch the everyday drinking and conversations between Ki & Ka, which made complete sense. Ki, being a corporate woman, found it difficult to accept that someone like Ka could be interested in becoming a house-husband.
  • The writer did an intelligent thing by making Ka a topper from IIM because for a guy to accept and argue for such a profession (house-husband), he should have somewhat higher level of maturity. Of course, just the tag didn’t do all. But it did give some acceptability – at least to me.
  • I also liked the one-liners between Ka and his father as it candidly reflected the gap in their relationship and brought in streaks of laughter. Moreover, I even enjoyed Ki’s quick and frank response on listenig the disrespectful words spoken by Ka’s father to Ka when they both inform the father about their plan to get married.
  • Then I liked the ending conversations between Ki and her mother where the movie tries to send out some message to the audience. Never to forget, the happy ending where even Ka’s father comes to celebrate their birthdays along with the marriage anniversary. Yes, Ki and Ka share the same DoB along with their date of marriage anniversary.
  • Ka’s bike.

Now let me mention a few points why I didn’t give full score.

  • As already stated, the beginning.
  • When Ki-Ka get married, Ki puts on the mangal sutra in Ka’s neck to show their role-reversal. And he later started wearing it on his wrist. Come on, give me a break!
  • Being the kind of movie it is I would have liked to watch some more humour. There was a short fight scene by Ka where he beats up half a dozen goons for eve-teasing. Yes, it did impress Ki but, for me, as an audience, I would have liked a different approach there.
  • How can an Indian mother ask her daughter and son-in-law upfront about sex? Probably, only in our film industry.
  • Kareena and Arjun are very good actors, and I personally felt that the movie was unable to do justice to their talents.
  • There was a dumb sequence of ads and awards for almost half an hour.

Really, the movie sends out some very serious messages with a few light-heated humorous scenes. Worth one time watch!

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