The Jungle Book – Simply Amazing!

I am sure it has been one of the most awaited and popular movies of 2016 – The Jungle Book! Awaited, I say because I had been waiting for it ever since I heard about Mowgli’s return several weeks back. I am sure that most of us have watched him when growing up. And popular – you’ll know it when you go for it! 😛 Oh! I so much wanted to re-watch him fly from tree-to-tree holding those aerial roots. Can you see him in your memories right now?

first movie poster

First Movie Poster

And here my wait ended two days ago. It was wonderful to watch this movie with all those animal characters talking. Sprinkled with bits of humour, lots of  Disney touch and short musical strings throughout, The Jungle Book is simply amazing. There are glimpses of a few horror moments as well. One actually made even my blood run cold. Children will love it – I too did! 🙂

Neel Sethi plays Mowgli, the man-cub, and the only human character in the movie. He is just perfect with his age and with the innocence he carries. The man-cub is now grown up and tiger, the Sher Khan, as per the jungle rules, wants to eat him up. But the many other animals are trying to protect Mowgli and want to send him back to the ‘man village’. Mowgli is guided through the forest by Bagheera, the panther, and later by Baloo, the bear, along with several other creatures. He also meets Kaa, the snake, and King Louie, the monstrous king of  the Bandar-log,

Mowgli in the Bandarlog

Mowgli in the Bandarlog

These two creatures only try to derive personal benefits out of the man-cub and Mowgli has a hard time escaping from them. While going through all this and traveling through the forest, Mowgli discovers that he has his own strengths. And that these were very different from those of any other animal in the forest. Baloo once said, “You can be a man right here.”  Also, as Mowgli had his family in the forest itself, he returns. Sher Khan tries a lot to catch Mowgli but is killed in the end by falling into The Red Flower, the fire.

Although it was the same jungle with the same characters, I think the story went a bit different. And I kept wondering if the book title ‘The Jungle Book’ given by Rudyard Kipling, is appropriate for this movie. Also, I was left hungry to watch the little Mowgli jumping from tree-to-tree.

the red flower

Mowgli with The Red Flower

Nevertheless, it’s truly amazing – the sounds, the visuals, the characterization, the Disney effects and everything. There are a few important messages shared by different animals throughout the movie, as well. Do watch it – only in the theaters – or you’ll miss the actual flavour!

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