Are you running right – or JUST running?

During childhood, our parents, teachers and everyone told us to run. We started. And since, we all are running races – rat, cat, horse or whatever name you give it. rat raceBut most of us are just running – with no awareness – either of ourselves – or of the race we are running!

No wonder so many of us feel lost so many times in our lives. When we walk looking at others, often we lose sight of the track we are on, and the direction we are headed to.

An interesting incident happened with me recently. Just two days ago, it was early morning and I was walking on a lonely road. On the way, I saw a young man walking briskly at a very good speed. I generally get ‘the calling’ 😛 walkto compete with every brisk walker when I am alone on a road. I got it here as well. On this occasion too, I just felt that I should speed up to catch and get past the fellow. I walked fast. Faster! Fastest! Yes, there was nobody else around but I felt as if I was walking at more than my quickest speed. He too kept increasing his speed. Or I felt so!

After almost twenty minutes, I got relieved as I had just walked past my competitor who himself was unaware of the competition he was having.

I won! I just defeated someone! But the best part appears next. I had already walked past my destination – where I had to go. Not a few steps! Almost by half a kilometer – six to seven minutes. Now, I had to return to be there where I actually wanted to go. We do it frequently – everywhere!

I felt proud when I walked past the other person. Or did I?

And if I did, of what use is this pride? I even missed to the beauty along the way. Here I was six minutes ahead.Makes not much difference! What if you went six months or six years ahead? Or, sixty years in case?

Have you ever stopped to see whether you are moving on the right path? raceOr you are just running because everyone is?

What do you think about what I think? Do you have any views on this post?

Do post your views in the comments section below.

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1 Response to Are you running right – or JUST running?

  1. Yes it is very true that sometimes we follow the race that is not meant for us and then get lost in the journey competing with others which makes us forget our real goal !!!
    I would like to share my example…After completing my 12th and having secured good marks,i got an opportunity to study in one of the best colleges in India for maths hons. However i suddenly got attracted to a career like Chartered Accountancy when many of my seniors who had completed it motivated me.Now after 1 yr of completing my 12th and having crossed a level of C.A, i realize that i was so lost in the running and i question myself ‘do i really want to see myself as a C.A years after.’The answer is a big ‘No’
    Honestly,i was just running the race to prove to the world that i am capable to complete one of the world’s toughest courses! how silly of me! Having realized that enjoying the journey is equally important as the goal itself, I am leaving this course midway with a desire to achieve what I actually want in my life for myself ! However this time i will make sure that i do not follow the race but my inner conscious…
    So I think all we need to do is stop competing with others so that we can enjoy the real beauty of journey and step out at ‘our’ destination at the ‘right time’ which is just meant only for us!!!!


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