About a year ago, I made my revolutionary resolution and started visiting a gym. Well, although I could not get a pumped up body hqdefaultdue to an accidental disc injury, I learned a lot of things. Of course, several varieties of exercises!

But additionally, one such learning was that we should never forget to breathe. During workout, I found that most of the inexperienced muscle-enthusiasts, including me, used to forget to breathe. I probably used to find it a waste of time. And this used to affect my stamina negatively.

I remember the movie Warrior where the teacher-fighter, Brendon Conlon, is continually reminded by his trainer, to breathe, whenever he starts getting too much hits by the opponent – which he often gets. 🙂 I think this was one action movie that ‘spoke’ and ‘stressed’ so much significance to breathing. Even when Conlon was held tight under the arms of the massive opponent, instead of telling the strategy to come out of the grip, this trainer would only shout – “BREEEATHE”!

Currently, I practice yoga and here again the instructor repeatedly reminds us to breathe. I think it to be true even in our everyday lives. We forget breathing! And many of our problems would be absent just if we remember to breathe. And, as Brendon does in the movie Warrior, we will survive longer in our fights. Just breathe!!!



Usually, we either become too tensed or too excited and forget to breathe. And, as in gym or yoga, it negatively affects our stamina. We are unable to see or think well when we forget breathing. Due to this, we might also lose our focus and suffer breakdown.

My previous post talks about what happens when we start running competitions without keeping track of where we are going. But if we just take our time to breathe, we will definitely a fair idea of the direction we are moving in along with higher levels of energy. Breathing, I think, gives us a break and a moment to assess our current condition. It reduces our stress levels and renews the energy to move further in our journeys. 🙂

So friends,

When you are tired, breathe;

– – Abby Larson, the founder of Make Me Pretty

You’ll feel fresh.

When excited, breathe,

You’ll enjoy the excitement.

Again, when you are angry, breathe,

You’ll become calmer.

When you are in pain, breathe,

You’ll feel relieved.

When you are worried, breathe;

You’ll find a way.

Even when you are about to die friend, breathe;

You might get another day!!!
———–Sunny 🙂

What do you think? Do post your views in the comments section.


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2 Responses to Breeeathe….

  1. Taking deep breaths provide me with clarity and renewed energy. I love going out and just deeply breathing.

    Please check out and follow my blog


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