Achievers are Best, what about the Rest?

As I am growing up my understanding and perspectives about a lot of things are either changing or getting stronger.

We, humans, across the globe, have always been obsessed with the word “SUCCESS “and the fulls – “SUCCESSFULLS”! Of course, we should be. How else can we expect to create giant organizations and countries? I too have great interest in both the words.

However, what about the others? Those who could not get there, those who messed it up or those who JUST missed it?lost

Don’t get me wrong! I too have read “The Secret”, “Law of Attraction” and am a strong believer that you can get whatever you want – 98% of times. There’s still space for remaining 2% times. Why?

Because if these laws work for you, it should also work for the others. And maybe – just maybe – others don’t want what you want. Wars, floods, earthquakes, accidents, heartbreaks, etc. do happen. And happen due to these differences in thoughts and it might leave a few of us at the bottom of the success ladder. If not the people on earth, I believe there’s some superpower that might have different plans and THOUGHTS!

During such times people often get lost not knowing what to do and where to go. And we, the world, in fact, help others get lost and remain so. These people are often afraid of returning to the world and facing us. And this, in fact, has a very bad implication – we look at them very differently – with an eye that makes them insecure – feel bad about confusedthemselves. One of the premier causes of all social evils is our this very look. In fact many find it better to kill themselves than return home. Or if not kill selves, they feel better to kill others by getting involved with a terrorist organization or other similar groups – wherever they get support and acceptance.

What if we would smile and give a pat on their back saying, “It’s ok. You did well. We are still here for you.”

I think this kind of acceptance by our society could help us in several ways –

  • we will be involved more at developing ourselves rather than criticizing others,
  • we will be lesser scared to fail, so more and more people will put efforts at trying things out (trying is what brings innovation),
  • we will see more and more individuals contributing towards the larger social good and improve our societies,
  • more and more individuals will grow into their best,
  • which, in turn, will automatically reduce the huuuge number of crimes.

So, I think, for a better society, we must not only care about the people on the magazine itsokfront covers, about THE BEST, but also about THE REST because they are also humans and “It’s OK”!

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1 Response to Achievers are Best, what about the Rest?

  1. I am not sure if interpreted you article in a correct manner but i woul like to say that for the remaining 2% that does not happen the way we want, i would say it is because to teach us a lesson and mainly because of our past karmic account in our previous birth of which we are unaware being born again with a fresh memory…now it is our choice to take it as an opportunity to discover the real self and what actually went wrong or to delve in immoral acts in order to take a revenge for that which did not happen to us,as per our wishes and thoughts!!!!


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