A Letter to Inspire!

What to give, what to do!
To see a smile on you,
I am not good at this like other few,
But it’s the best I can do!

Here’s a story from long forgotten days –
You’ll learn a lesson for life from what it says!

There was once a sapling still under earth – long after taking birth.

Elders kept calling him out,Tree-sapling
But, cried the sapling, “I’m afraid; it’s so blood red outside,
Wind is very strong,
I’ll not survive for long.
As I’m so weak – for sure, I’ll freak”!

“Worry not my child,
Believe; and God’s always beside.
Take the first step,
And He’ll take you far and wide”.

“If you choose to remain inside,
Yes, for long, you’ll be alive,

But of what use will you be
When you can’t become a tree –
To provide fruits to humanity?”

“It’s in fighting the current – a ship lives,
In the middle of bullets – a soldier’s life is,
And in the tough winds,
That trees actually thrive”.

“So, forget your fear – my dear,
And gather the courage,
To break your bondage.

Once you do,
Someday – die – we all have to,
But then, even the scary wind will bow before you.
And only then will you, one day, feel free,
To be – a TREE”!!!

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