Images to smile

For some reason, I was feeling really really disappointed yesterday – also sad! In short, I felt all the more frustrated too! I had no reason to smile ☹️ Happens sometimes with me!


I got up from the bed and moved towards the washroom, raised my head towards the washroom door. I saw something – a yellow smiley like this – 😁 It instantly brought a smile on my face too!

And then, I actually didn’t lose it (the 😁) – throughout the day! And today as well.

Have you experienced such an incident ever? I believe it’s a good idea to have smiling faces around you – even if they are stickers! What do you feel?

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4 Responses to Images to smile

  1. Susan Deborah Selvaraj says:

    Hey Sunny, long time. It feels wonderful to stop by here. Hope you are well and happy.
    Oh yes! I’ve had many beautiful moments like the one you’re writing about. It makes a great difference.

    Keep writing and laugh more.


  2. Shivangi_Wadhwa says:

    Hey! I am so happy that you have restarted blogging. Congratulations 😃
    And yes! Sometimes even a blooming bud is enough to brighten the day.


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