Revisiting activities to #keepsmiling

When I used to counsel a few months back, people often used to say that they wanted to be/do something this or that. But here they were in a different world all together. And that often used to be the reason other areas of their lives had been affected. Can’t deny right?

Frankly speaking, they couldn’t change professions as well due to various commitments. Are you too one of them? Can you make fifteen minutes for ‘YOUR’ activity? Be it taking a nap, or gossiping with an old friend or whatever!

It can make you smile and will soon spread through into other tasks that you do! In such cases, often, people are able to smile while doing other tedious activities too.

What is it you would want to revisit?

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2 Responses to Revisiting activities to #keepsmiling

  1. I still remember how I expressed my concern regarding the trauma I facing with you. But altogether I am happy to be in the career line of choice! Once again thanks and cheers to your efforts😀


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