Observe to #keepsmiling

Walking on the street, sitting in a restaurant, standing in a shop, choose anything!

Whatever you do, wherever you go, make it a practice to observe. When you begin to observe the people around, you will find numerous moments that will make you smile.😝

Just yesterday I was near a bus stop in Chennai and a person slept off on the roadside. He appeared heavily drunk. A shopkeeper came to pick him up and the drunk guy tried to hit him (maybe he felt that someone wants to kidnap).

Then the shopkeeper got furious and man!!! Slap upon slap upon slap, he pasted six to seven right on the cheek of the drunk. And the drunk was sent back to sleep on the road.

I stood by the side and I could not stop but had to #keepsmiling😊! And whenever I remember the scene I am made to smile!!! No, I didn’t feel like doing anything except to #keepsmiling.

There’s more to this observed incident that I will share later! Have you ever had such an experience to #keepsmiling? Would you smile if you were in my place? Just curious 🤔

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