Not mad or pad – what has stopped you?

We sometimes get a feeling that whatever we are doing is of no significance. It could be because we have not attained fame! Or we haven’t seen anything changing!
Have you felt that way? And you might stop doing those activities!!!

Obviously, probably anyone would stop! 😭

Maybe you got busy. However, as we know, we ALWAYS have time for anything we like doing. So did you get busy? Or you always shrugged it aside just because it was either not paying you (PAD) or you felt it’s not ‘making a difference’ (MAD)?

I had stopped writing blogs for all of the above reasons😝. But for the past several weeks, people have been frequently asking me why I stopped blogging (didn’t know I and my blog were already so famous 😁). THEY ACTUALLY ENJOYED READING MY POSTS🤗! And so, this is my comeback post!!! Thanks to all those whose words have inspired me to restart this blog.

Actually, I realized that we need to trust that anything we are doing, however small, is creating an impact. It is MAKING A DIFFERENCE!

The videos you are sharing… the stories you are telling… the blogs you are writing… the poetry you are penning down – everything is making a difference for someone somewhere!

So, please don’t stop!!!😊🙏 And of course, #keepsmiling🤗

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