Know self to #keepsmiling

What keeps your SMILE away from you? A few of the answers to that question usually heard are: ‘My family’, ‘my friends’, ‘the stinky place I live’, ‘my marriage’, ‘lost job’ and even ‘new-found job’, ‘the weather’, ‘the society’, ‘the crimes around’, and many more.

Which one is yours?

One means to deal with these and #keepsmiling is to know yourself. And maybe – adapt – if necessary! It might be through meditation, reflection, conversation with people who stay with you, psychometric tests, or any other similar means.

When you know yourself, you are better at dealing with the things that hurt you or bring pain to you. And thus at not letting these take away your smile!

There are things you can change and there are those you can’t. It’s easier both to change and to handle the unchangeable when you know yourself! What do you think? Can knowing yourself help you #keepsmiling?

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