What matters in life?

I have been curious for more than two decades asking myself, “What is important for a human being?”, “Is happiness important”, “What brings happiness?”, “Can anyone not have everything but still be happy?” Or worse, “Can anyone be in pain but still be happy?”, “How can anyone KEEPSMILING?”

Jim Carrey, one of the most famous Hollywood actors says, “I think that everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it’s not the answer”. Although he has not mentioned the question anywhere we all have the understanding of the kind of questions he is talking of – the existential questions! Questions, a few of which I have asked above.

It usually starts with our attempts to be famous, rich, achiever, etc in all areas of our lives, hoping that these are what will make us happy, fulfilled but sadly, they don’t! And we get so much attached to the things/stuffs we have collected that we are unable to stop even.

No, it’s not even our fault as from the childhood we have been trained to think like that! And not even our parents’, because they too have been trained for the same. And their parents too! And so on, it’s with almost everyone.

They were more keen on the position, or salary offered to any individual. And if it’s not BIG, the person has not done anything.

But how much do those things really matter? Let’s discuss this through my future posts!

Till then, #keepsmiling

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