What matters in life – 3?

Part 1

Part 2

During this phase of lockdown, I am sure we have all realized a few important aspects of our lives that we had never paid attention to. Like, maybe some of our family members and friends, some activities we wanted to but never actually did, some habits we always dreamt of having but had never put these to practice. We also get to know the difference between what we definitely need and other things.

I was specially waiting for a barber shop to open up again. More so, sweepers, nurses, barbers, cooks, and all such workers were the ones we were looking upto! Other such people who have made our lives easier during these times are the police personnel, mental health professionals, social workers, and many others whose jobs were never seen as important.

The difficulties were felt when the above mentioned people were unavailable. Majority of us were not waiting for malls to open or the big fashion styles to come to us. Instead, we just wanted the ultimate necessities to be available.

Isn’t it time we started thinking differently? Or think this too?

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