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Grief stages to again #keepsmiling?

Like it or not, we all go through unexpected, painful, catastrophic events in our lives. Loss of a loved one, failure at something we are passionate about, accidents of self or a loved one, and many more such events might … Continue reading

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What matters in life – 3?

Part 1 Part 2 During this phase of lockdown, I am sure we have all realized a few important aspects of our lives that we had never paid attention to. Like, maybe some of our family members and friends, some … Continue reading

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What matters in life – 2?

My previous post began talking about the topic. We all have different needs at different points of time and we all are motivated to fulfill those needs. Abraham Maslow wrote about those in 50s and has been the most discussed … Continue reading

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What matters in life?

I have been curious for more than two decades asking myself, “What is important for a human being?”, “Is happiness important”, “What brings happiness?”, “Can anyone not have everything but still be happy?” Or worse, “Can anyone be in pain … Continue reading

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Shouldn’t we start conversations in this way? We will send out more positivity in the universe!

Positive thoughts do make an impact upon us, individually, and over our culture as well! It’s better to have positive thoughts rather than the opposite ones. Even if you don’t believe that positive thoughts can make a difference this could … Continue reading

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A quote in the book Project Liberation

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Saw this quote on a t-shirt

And am planning to get it! Isn’t it true? Be it you have five degrees, five times the richest person’s richness, or the fame of the ultimate celebrity. If it is not worth for you personally, stop doing it. Because … Continue reading

Take care of your health to #keepsmiling

A few days ago, we had a nutrition expert visit our organisation. She asked us about our diet and gave a few suggestions accordingly, to improve our health. And, although I knew it from early on, I re-realized how important … Continue reading

Let go to #keepsmiling

Who hasn’t felt a rush of overwhelming emotions within due to some wrong done by another person? But is it wrong? From everyone’s point of view? From the doer’s point? …is it? Wrong? Almost all of us have experienced anger … Continue reading

Know self to #keepsmiling

What keeps your SMILE away from you? A few of the answers to that question usually heard are: ‘My family’, ‘my friends’, ‘the stinky place I live’, ‘my marriage’, ‘lost job’ and even ‘new-found job’, ‘the weather’, ‘the society’, ‘the … Continue reading