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Let go to #keepsmiling

Who hasn’t felt a rush of overwhelming emotions within due to some wrong done by another person? But is it wrong? From everyone’s point of view? From the doer’s point? …is it? Wrong? Almost all of us have experienced anger … Continue reading

Know self to #keepsmiling

What keeps your SMILE away from you? A few of the answers to that question usually heard are: ‘My family’, ‘my friends’, ‘the stinky place I live’, ‘my marriage’, ‘lost job’ and even ‘new-found job’, ‘the weather’, ‘the society’, ‘the … Continue reading

Not mad or pad – what has stopped you?

We sometimes get a feeling that whatever we are doing is of no significance. It could be because we have not attained fame! Or we haven’t seen anything changing! Have you felt that way? And you might stop doing those … Continue reading

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Melodies that help you to #keepsmiling

My previous post spoke of one recent song that I had found. Today I thought of creating a collection with your help! So, most of us already know this technique to #keepsmiling. But just if you are missing out, I … Continue reading

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#keepsmiling song – so apt

I just came across this song and thought it is so cool [and hot :P]. At least worth one time listen! I usually find it extremely difficult to understand English songs. ;P. Also, written are the lyrics for the song. … Continue reading

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Can downward movement actually be upward?

You won’t deny that we have to keep growing in our own ways! Some slow, some quick! What do you think? Is growth always upwards – in terms of financial capacity or organization’s hierarchy? Or from the point of view … Continue reading


Read t-shirts to #keepsmiling

This is further to the post where I requested you to observe to #keepsmiling. Well, that was a bit war like story!!! And maybe didn’t appear attractive. Here is another observation that made me smile today. And actually, similar observations … Continue reading