Bit restless, a bit individualistic and a bit empathetic!

Writing, public speaking, yoga, partying, helping others, are the activities I love to do. Talk less!

In fact, I love to observe others around me far more than speaking or blabbering. So, if you ever meet me please do not expect an excellent talker. A listener? Of course!!!

I am not someone always breaking societal norms but I don’t even like to remain stuck to norms that don’t feel right. Yes, feel right! And it even includes the relationships! I don’t always listen but try to feel the spoken words because you don’t always speak what you mean and don’t always mean what you speak.

I love to see others show courage and break their own barriers – whatever that may be! Get attracted to anyone or anything that might show signs of growth as I believe growth is life. Otherwise, we better be dead! So, in general I get attracted to almost everyone!!! 😛

Okay and now I should talk about my professional experience. I am currently working as a learning and development professional with a learning and development company. I have earlier also worked as a recruitment consultant and as a content developer. My education is called as btech in CSE and then a pg in psychology HRDM. I have also completed career mentoring program.

So if you can recognize, I am very much interested in individual growth. And this blog is dedicated to the growth that we all have a deep desire for, whatever we show on the surface, maybe due to fears or maybe due to insecurities!

Mind you, all the views expressed here are my personal with no intention to hurt or disrespect anyone. I would love to see and learn from your differing views. So please don’t forget to comment your thoughts.

6 Responses to About

  1. betterthanthen says:

    I 100% identify myself with these feelings. Lots of dust to be removed and lots of muscles to be made working from my side too 😦 Dreams are waiting, time ein’t…


  2. I saw you signed up for HAHD at EZA! Good step. I am a Platinum author, and started out just like you, baby steps.

    Do not think of 100 … think of 1 a day.
    I do mine in the morning while I wait on my coffee to get done.

    Then it is done for the day!

    Later in the day, I find a half hour here and there, and write one or two more, but that first one before any of life’s sidetracks hit me is important.

    I hope this helps.

    If I can help in any other way, please let me know.




  3. multitudeofmythoughts says:

    Hi sir,
    I have nominated you for ‘THE BLOGGER RECOGNITION AWARD’
    Please visit:


  4. Susan Deborah Selvaraj says:

    “So, in general I get attracted to almost everyone!!!”
    Do you still go by this, Sunny? Curious. Nine years have gone by since you wrote this so wondering . . . Always wondering!


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