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What matters in life – 2?

My previous post began talking about the topic. We all have different needs at different points of time and we all are motivated to fulfill those needs. Abraham Maslow wrote about those in 50s and has been the most discussed … Continue reading

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What matters in life?

I have been curious for more than two decades asking myself, “What is important for a human being?”, “Is happiness important”, “What brings happiness?”, “Can anyone not have everything but still be happy?” Or worse, “Can anyone be in pain … Continue reading

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Consistency …and accidental achievements!

“I will win, not immediately, but definitely!                                                           -Anonymous 100th blog post! No, this is not! The previous one! My previous post was the 100th post! But I got to know after I published it. Achievements are great to go for. We … Continue reading

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