“Eat pray love” by Elizabeth Gilbert

It is a testimony to Gilbert’s writing skills, intellectual energy and self deprecating wit that from the moment we meet her sobbing on her bathroom floor at 3 a.m., we are rooting for her to find the peace and happiness she seeks – Daily Mail

The author, Elizabeth Gilbert has crafted the book very intelligently by dividing her story into 108 tales, which are further broken into three sections about the 3 ‘I’ countries she visited – Italy, India and Indonesia – in pursuit of pleasure, devotion and balance respectively.

Elizabeth begins with talking of her present situation when she feels restless and broken, primarily due to her marriage that didn’t work. And she didn’t want to continue with her husband. She speaks of her sorrowful days when she used to weep for hours in her bathroom during night as if there was something wrong with her. She talks of her husband and David, her boyfriend, none of whom were good enough to suit to her style.

“True wisdom gives the only possible answer at any given moment” – a brilliant remark of the wise. Again, when the author goes to meet a medicine man in Bali and asks for a way to enjoy worldly pleasures while also remain close to God, he offers a very intelligent reply suitable for almost all of us. He tells Elizabeth to keep her feet grounded as if she has four legs instead of two and look at the world through her heart instead of head to get closer to God. So, there are many more similar enlightening statements, to meander about, throughout the story.

It is a marvellous read as you can literally feel yourself with the author and visit the three countries she talks of here. Through the book, you will get to know the culture and style of these countries which could definitely be helpful if you have any plan to visit one of them.

She is also able to prod the readers laugh over the funny statements made through the various characters of the story, which makes it further interesting.

Though it is a story about one woman’s search for everything, don’t take it as ‘only for woman’ thing. So, get the book to smile, weep and laugh with Gilbert while travelling with Gilbert through the three countries.

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5 Responses to “Eat pray love” by Elizabeth Gilbert

  1. Sunny:

    Hope you are well and that the New year is unfolding in bright colours. Well, I read this book long ago. I think it was about two years ago and it did strike a chord with me. Being a woman, I could understand her journey and her thoughts. I am glad that you enjoyed the book as well as many men trashed the book.

    I get to know you more as I read this review. Glad.

    Joy always,


  2. sunny says:

    Hi Susan…
    Thankss for your time here…. n I feel really good to know dat u visited my blog and …..probably liked it…..:)


  3. Dances With Crayons says:

    Hi Sunny! Enjoyed reading your review and share your thoughts. A great read.
    Cheers for your day, Love,


  4. Would love to constantly get updated outstanding blog ! .


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