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Secret of sadness!

O lord! Why is this sadness created? Why complete happiness wasn’t granted? Why is contentment to all not provided? And why anyone is not always delighted? O lord! Why happiness and sadness are both stuffs of life? Why anyone’s life … Continue reading

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The loner kid!

Prompt: A small boy gets into some different world. Raju had always loved to be isolated and again had loved more to go on a forlorn walk just anywhere. Stories of days when his family members had to call the … Continue reading

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The bad neighbor!

Prompt: Use I wished he’d knock on my door instead. Like all my weekdays, I was ready for office at 9 and left my home after kissing my wife exact at 9:05. No sooner had I closed my main gate … Continue reading

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Times when I can’t write!

Last whole week I remained in my bed. I was actually suffering from chicken pox and was told not to touch anything other than those that had been separated out only  for me, and neither could I go for work, … Continue reading

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Eleven Minutes by Paulo Coelho!

Maria, a young girl and the protagonist in this novel, is forced, by her fascinating desire to lead a different life, towards leading the life of a prostitute.  The book is filled with revelation of large number of true but … Continue reading

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