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Little surprises to #keepsmiling

Do you need a bungalow? Or a million dollars job? To #keepsmiling? Maybe if you set yourself up for these! But none of it is a must. Today I was short of cash in my pocket. in fact, I had … Continue reading

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Watch out others’ success and achievements to #keepsmiling

What is the means to #keepsmiling forever? Yes, I have already shared a few. I just thought of one more for myself actually. Pick it up if it suits you. Most of us wish to be successful and achieve. Good, … Continue reading

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Remember this to #keepsmiling

I frequently come across a video of the superstar Amitabh Bachchan. In it, the bollywood superstar narrates about the days when he was struggling for an opportunity. After coming home the disappointed, ‘yet to be’ actor would say, “There is … Continue reading

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Observe to #keepsmiling

Walking on the street, sitting in a restaurant, standing in a shop, choose anything! Whatever you do, wherever you go, make it a practice to observe. When you begin to observe the people around, you will find numerous moments that … Continue reading

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Sleep off and #keepsmiling

Job, family, friends, relatives, paying bills, buying vegetables, meeting doctors, do this, do that, on and on and on… It’s very natural to feel overwhelmed at times with such a long list. Breeeathe and just sleep off! Yes, I am … Continue reading

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Speak up to #keepsmiling

What has been bothering you? What is it you have been wanting to speak about? Are you scared about how it will impact the other person? Hmm! What do you feel about the impact of ‘not saying it’ on yourself? … Continue reading

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Do what you never did to #keepsmiling

My last post tried to help you #keepsmiling by revisiting what you liked doing. Today, I write the opposite! Do what you have never done! We are frequently told by family/friends/society how to behave, what to do and what not … Continue reading

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Revisiting activities to #keepsmiling

When I used to counsel a few months back, people often used to say that they wanted to be/do something this or that. But here they were in a different world all together. And that often used to be the … Continue reading


Internet to smile

Usually, social media is considered a nuisance. But not for me 😝. I frequently browse through internet. In fact I would be among the heaviest users of Chrome. But it helps! And I smile, chuckle, laugh and what not reading the … Continue reading

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Images to smile

For some reason, I was feeling really really disappointed yesterday – also sad! In short, I felt all the more frustrated too! I had no reason to smile ☹️ Happens sometimes with me! I got up from the bed and … Continue reading

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